Over the years we have developed different ways to make our tails move. Below, we explain the differences!

EArs and wings!

New animatronic items we created to add magic to your cosplay or fursona


There are four different tail sizes, ranging from our shortest Tails which are Mini tails – 17 inches long (43 cm,) the Original which is 23 inches (58 cm) and the XL Tail which is 32 inches (81 cm). We dont recommend the Super XL usually. Talk to us for full details.

Remember that each Tail can have multiple personalities – our covers are removable, so you can get a Fox Tail, and add a Wolf Tail cover later on.


Our Mini system has four simple moves, as well as an Automode (long press on button D) whereas MiTail has 11 moves, multiple different “modes” or ways to control it, and new stuff is added all the time. MiTail is the “pro” tail we make, and we think you’ll love it.


Our Mini Tails use AAA batteries, and our MiTail Tails use built in rechargeable batteries charged by USB. MiWings comes with its own rechargeable battery.

More information is also available on the FAQ page

Q: What does a NAKED Tail / Ears / Wings mean?

A: Thats our gear without a cover for those that want to make their own.
We have a pattern if you would like, too!

Need instructions? You can find MiTail ones here, MiWings ones here, EarGear here, Classic ones here and Baby tails here.