TWO tail systems!


The CLASSIC system is our most popular system and its probably the one you want! It comes with a remote control, has up to 16 moves built in, and comes in 4 sizes! As with all our Tails, we customise them for you for free!* Available now, in every creature style you can think of!

The DIGITAiL system is our new Tail system. It comes with an Android app. A separate remote control is also being developed and will come later. It lets you access a Move Designer, Move Playlist, and will integrate with other things on your phone, like Music and Notifications*

* Available post-Feb 2019, after the Kickstarter backers receive their first-out-the-door Tails!


There are four different tail sizes, ranging from our Baby Tail which is 17 inches long (43 cm,) the Original which is 23 inches (58 cm) the XL Tail which is 32 inches (81 cm) and the Super XL which is 40 inches (1 meter!). If you have something else in mind, we can make you a custom shape or size. Let us know!

Remember that each Tail can have multiple personalities – our covers are removable, so you can get a Fox Tail, and add a Wolf Tail cover later on..


Our Classic Tails use AAA batteries, and our DIGITAiL Tails use built in rechargeable batteries.

NAKED TAILS are tails without a cover! And we can supply you a pattern if you would like to make your own.


To see the moves in action, please visit the Moveopedia!

Button A: Slow moves! Three different ones, for those relaxed, gentle moments..
Button B: Faster moves! Happy, frisky, cheeky.. Button C: Excited! Angry even! Trembling! Three different kinds..
Button D: Stand up straight! Action stations! And a long press here (6 seconds) puts you in to Auto Mode Auto mode is all slow moves, chained together..

And these will run and run until you press D again, in between moves.

The Baby Tail is the friskiest, moves the fastest and has 4 moves. The Original and XL Tails have all 10 moves, and are a great balance between length, range of moves and speed. And the Super XL Tail is the longest, but like all long Tails, doesn’t move as fast as the shorter ones. Same moves as the Original / XL though.