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An affiliate with The Tail Company is someone who partners with us to spread the magic of our animatronic tails, ears, and wings. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn store credits, receive free gifts, and even get your hands on some of our incredible animatronic creations for free. It’s a fantastic way to share your passion for cosplay while being rewarded for it.

As an affiliate, you’ll help others discover our customizable and enchanting products, from our amazing MiTails to majestic MiWings! Whether you’re into cosplay in all its forms, or just love making a dramatic entrance, being a Tail Co affiliate means joining a community that celebrates creativity and imagination.

How do I apply?

The application form is below. Affiliates will earn store credit, free gifts and payments based on the number of successful referrals they make to the Tail Company website.

Once you’re approved, you’ll get a personalized coupon code to share, as well as a special dashboard in your account area. Thats where you can watch your progress towards free stuff and payments! Theres also creative assets you can use, or create your own if you have some of our items already.

The coupon code you share gives the customer $15 off the order total. And as long as they used your link or coupon, you receive $10 in store credit. As you get more successful referalls, we will add other items to your account too.


To be an Affiliate, you will need more than 5000 followers on at least one of your social accounts and be happy to create content to promote your coupon code to the world. Youre welcome to remix or repost our posted content too in order to promote your code. Full terms and conditions are linked at the bottom of this page.

Once you’ve applied, we aim to confirm Affiliates in about a day. Please note! If you already have an account on our store, its best to login first to keep it all in the same account.

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