All our items, with the exception of bags, chargers, bows and chains, pins and T-Shirts, are custom made and classified as such for the purposes of returns.

Returned items must be unused and unworn. A return request for an eligble item needs to be made within 7 days of receiving your order. Shipping fees are non-refundable, nor is the cost of returning items to us. Once the items are with us, a refund will be made minus a charge for any custom work undertaken (for example a cover or a special length, fur or pattern, or airbrush fees.) Rush service fees are not refundable, nor are non-moving Ears which are made up for each customer. If a third party has made part of your order – for example custom covers for EarGear or horns – these cannot be refunded by us and may be subject to a different Returns policy. Opened Bags (for example containing satchels, shawls, d-clips) cannot be refunded or exchanged if opened. MiWings orders cannot be refunded.

Our Etsy return policies may be different to these, and can be found on our Etsy shop page. All our items, with the exception of bags, chargers, bows and chains, pins and T-Shirts, are custom made and classified as such for the purposes of returns.


We do our best to hit your dates that you might tell us. But we are not liable for a couriers delay or for events outside of our control. Refunds can’t be given if parcels are delayed by customs, or any other delay that we didnt create. We do our very best to ship items in time and you’ll get a notification with tracking when they ship. But once the items have left us, we cannot accept a refund request because the items were delayed at some point in their journey unfortunately.


If you have paid for an item and it is in our making queue, you may still cancel your order. However, how much of your payment that can be refunded depends on our progress. If we have already begun to create your item, there will be deductions made for this, especially when fur or feathers have been used. We will let you know how far along we are. Rush fees are nonrefundable as well as fees for special furs. Orders cancelled very close to their estimated shipping date will usually incurr a 10% fee to cover the work done.

Duties and Fees

Some countries will charge duties and extra fees when your items arrive in country. Exactly what they charge can be unpredictable, so please look in to this before placing your order. We are not responsible for these fees which our outside of our control. These fees are your responsibility, and that includes returns to us for our repair service.

Handmade items

All our tails, ears and wings are handmade. This means that they are unique and made to order. Because of this, each one may have small variations from other similar items that we have handmade. This is normal, and often part of the charm and delight inherent in them. With MiWings for example, feathers can be a little shorter or longer. A MiTail Dragon might have spikes that are different from other dragon tails we have made. If there is a very particular look you want, please do make sure we know about it before we create your item, and we will let you know whether it is possible.


Below is the disclaimer that accompanies our MiTail, EarGear and MiWings products.

Please read the instructions for use above in full before using your Tail Company Gear. Not familiarizing yourself with the proper method of use could cause damage to the gear, or to yourself, or both. This text is also subject to change. An up-to-date version will form part of the file available at or or Support is also available on our website, through the chat service, or on our Telegram group.

By using this item, you hereby acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and that you understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions herein.

The Mechanical Tail Company Ltd accept no liability for damage, injury or legal responsibility incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product. This product is not a toy, and should not be used by children under the age of thirteen years without supervision by an adult. Do not use the product if it appears damaged in any way.


Handle your EarGear, MiTail or MiWings with care. They can be damaged, functionally impaired or broken if dropped, burned, punctured, crushed, disassembled or if exposed to liquid, excessive heat or other environmental conditions. EarGear and MiTail should be kept out of the reach of children and pets under 13 years of age when unsupervised.

Only use the supplied charging equipment for your Tail Company gear. Use of incorrect charging apparatus that does not meet international standards can cause fire, electric shock, injury or damage to you or the gear or other property. Whilst powerbanks and other chargers can be connected to our gear, we can accept no responsibility for their use or for any damage they may cause, either electrical or to the connections on your gear, such as the USB socket.

Do not charge EarGear, MiTail or MiWings unattended. If at any time the items give off an odour, exude smoke, or show other signs of damage, stop using the items immediately, and dispose of them in the correct manner.

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: -10 to 40 C / 14 to 104 F

Charging temperature: 10 to 30 C / 50 to 86 F

Storage temperature: 0 to 30 C / 32 to 86 F

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