Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real fur?

No! Only the fluffiest, finest faux-furs we can find! We also use fleece, and scaly fabrics, and lots of other stuff too.

How do you wear a Tail?

Our Baby Tails have a sturdy built in belt loop at the base, and you can slide pretty much any belt through it, to attach to the body. It keeps the tail in the right place, especially when moving, of course. We also stock really comfortable belts too.

MiTails have our innovative D-Clip for quick attaching and removal. And it comes with the tail.

Why do you make Tails, Ears and Wings?

Because evolution was unkind to us, wasn’t it!

Who wears Tails, Ears and Wings?

All different kinds of people – from Cosplayers to Furries, from Performers to Neko folks to Costume Designers and LARPers. And with 1000s of our items out in the wild, this is the best place to get that extra limb you have always wanted. Heres a little blog post about that very topic!

Do I need special batteries?

Baby Tails: any alkaline batteries will work but Lithium batteries are highly recommended! They have the power to do all the moves, and keep the lights on longest, lasting 7x longer than Alkalines.

MiTails, EarGear and MiWings? No! They’re built in rechargeable.

How do I tell you exactly what I want?

There’s a box on the checkout page that looks like this:

Tell us what kind of tail or ears you want in this message box

And you let us know there. Or just email us with the details! Or use the chat box. So many ways!

Can you use a specific kind of fur that I want?

We can certainly order in specific furs for your tail, but there may well be an additional cost, depending on the fur, including getting the fur to us. Another solution is to get a naked tail, and get someone else (maybe you!) to make the cover. We also have a pattern you can use too.

Are all customizations really included in the cost?

In most cases, yes! But every now and then, because the design is so detailed, or because you want a specific fur, we do have to make an extra charge. We will always let you know this before we order it and confirm it before we begin.

What are these glow-tips all about?

We can add a small section of white LEDs at the end of your tail, which can be controlled like moves, from the app or remote. Please note that if they are beneath dark colors, you may not be able to see them glow – they work best under light fur (like the end of a fox tail.) There is a small extra charge to add a Glow Tip.

Are your tails and ears suitable for children?

Our handmade tails, ears and wings are not toys, and shouldn’t be used by children under the age of 14 without supervision.

Are there any Do’s and Dont’s for MiTail, EarGear and MiWings?

Yes there are – its all covered in our Responsible Wagging Guide!

Sometimes when I click my fingers, or tilt my head, EarGear doesnt react?

EarGear is lots of fun and does its best to react to the world around it. But sometimes, it will miss some triggers. It could be because the previous move hasnt finished. Or it could just be its processing something else. Its all part of their charm. They wont be 100 percent accurate.

I ordered a bundle, but only the tail (or the ears) arrived!

Tails and ears are made at different speeds. Have no fear, the other item is on its way.

Can I get a pattern to make my own covers?

Oh yes! We have a pattern listing for nice paper patterns here.

Can I get some work-in-progress pictures of my item?

Unfortunately not, as its rather difficult for us to do this. We handmake each item, hopefully in as efficient a way as we can, and don’t get a chance to take pictures, unless it becomes part of a social media post. Sorry about that in advance.

How much do your Tails weigh?

A baby Tail weighs 300g (.6lbs) an Original weighs 550g (1.2lbs) and an XL is 600g (1.3lbs) – super xl, and extra wide Tails weight a bit more. These are all approximate!

Does the Super XL move differently?

Yes it does. As you can imagine, very big things can tend to move a little slower than little things! Our Super-XL is 40 inches (or 1m) in length. It does all the same moves as the other tails, but with a tail of this length can move in a more “relaxed” way, occasionally flopping from side to side. And you will find the curl is also less pronounced. Lastly, our Super-XL tails are extra wide as standard. If you want a skinnier one, you must let us know before we make it. You probably want the XL, not the Super XL. Its the best balance of moves and power.

How long does it take to make MiTail, EarGear and Miwings?

All our gear is handmade by us in the studio. Standard service take between 3 and 5 weeks to make. MiWings can take a bit longer. It all depends on the Tails in the making queue. We also have a Rush Service which is about half that – but again, it depends on the Tail Queue. If your order is time critical, please drop us a line before you get one to ask how long it might be. We do our best to make them as fast as we can but sometimes things get delayed.

What about shipping?

We offer an excellent express service (takes around 3 days to get to you, anywhere in the world) with FedEx, because its proven to be the most reliable, and we have tried lots! If you need a super-quick service, for next day delivery for example, just choose Rush service during checkout!

If you live in a remote location, our shipping calculator may well miss this, and not charge enough for the tail to get to you. In this case, we may need to ask you for the extra cost. Smaller items, like EarGear, get sent out using your national post office.

Are there duties to pay on my order?

Maybe. The customer is liable for any duties due. Its best to enquire about this at your local post office before ordering. If goods return to us because of unpaid duties, we will happily resend them but you’ll have to pay the shipping.

Do tails,ears, wings make sound?

All things with servos inside them will make sound – how much depends on what they are covered with, and which move they are making. The vast majority of people are not bothered by it all. There are videos on our Instagram and TikTok that let you hear the sound. But remember – that’s one tail, covered one way, and recorded on a certain phone. It may be a little different for you. MiWings are pretty silent.

Can I wear my tails, ears and wings everywhere?

Whilst we would love to say yes, there are circumstances where wearing a tail is a bad idea. Riding a motorbike for example! Operating heavy machinery. Deep sea diving. Anywhere it might get caught in something and damage it, or damage you! Our MiTails, EarGear and MiWings can be removed quickly to help with this. So please wag responsibly!

How much weight can my tail lift?

Just the weight of the cover, and the tail end if you have one! Our tails cannot move massive, floor dragging covers. If you try that, you may very well break your tail and this is not something we can repair for no cost. Please wag responsibly. This is covered in our Responsible Wagging Guide!