Why do you make Tails?

Because evolution was unkind to us, wasn’t it?

Who wears Tails?

All different kinds of people – from Cosplayers to Furries, from Performers to Neko folks to Costume Designers and LARPers. And with over 1000 of our Tails out in the wild, this is the best place to get that extra limb you have always wanted.

Do you make ears too?

Yes! Just choose some when checking out. We will match it to your Tail fur too!

Can I get a pattern to make my own covers?

Oh yes! Here is the Baby pattern, here is the Original Pattern and here is the XL. Patterns for the extra-wide Tails are coming soon.

How much do your Tails weigh?

A baby Tail weighs 300g (.6lbs) an Original weighs 550g (1.2lbs) and an XL is 600g (1.3lbs) – Extra wide Tails weight a tiny bit more.

How long does it take to make a Tail?

Every Tail is handmade by us in the studio. Standard tails take a few days.. Elaborate ones might take a week. But getting each one done depends on the Tails in the queue. If your order is time critical, please drop us a line before you get one to ask how long it might be.

What about shipping?

We offer an excellent express service (takes around 4 days to get to you, anywhere in the world) with FedEx, because its proven to be the most reliable, and we have tried lots! We used to offer a budget service but deliveries took weeks, and there were lots of little issues. If you need a super-quick service, for next day delivery for example, just ask!

Do you use real fur?

No! Only the fluffiest, finest faux-furs we can find!

How do you wear a Tail?

Each Tail has a sturdy built in belt loop at the base, and you can slide pretty much any belt through it, to attach to the body. It keeps the tail in the right place, especially when moving, of course. We also stock really comfortable belts too.


Do your Tails make sound?

All things with servos make sounds – and how much depends on the move that the Tail is making, and what is covering it.. Although most people don’t notice the sound when wearing their Tail, they do make noise when moving.

What about padding?

Almost none of our Tails are padded inside – the kinds of fur we use along with the shapes we cut result in nice flexible and full tails. Some Tailers want really fat Tails, so we also make Extra Wide Tails, that you can select on different creature pages. You can also pad out our Tails. But bear in mind that this can reduce the limit of movement.

Do I need special batteries for the Glow Tips?

Like all of our moving Tails, any alkaline batteries will work but Lithium batteries are highly recommended! They have the power to do all the moves, and keep the lights on longest, lasting 7x longer than Alkalines. Remember, when you switch on the Glow Tips, the batteries are doing two powerful things at the same time, so you really need good batteries.