Unfurl Your Fantasy: The Magic of Costume Wings and DIY Guides

If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring above the clouds, free as a bird, or embodying [...]

Devil horns – available now!

If you’re looking to unleash your inner demon and make a bold statement, then our [...]

Furry ears? Lets make a cat tail costume

Cosplay, short for “costume play,” is a wildly popular past time in which individuals dress [...]

Costume horns to make your outfit

Costume horns are a popular accessory for costumes, particularly those inspired by fantasy or mythical [...]

Moving Bunny Tail – nothing quite like one!

Our Moving Bunny tails are a classic addition to any bunny-themed costume, whether it be [...]

Tail Company Gift cards

With the giving season approaching, what better gift than a tail, ears or even wings! [...]

Coming Soon

Watch the skies. Not much more to say just now. But we have been dreaming [...]

How to grow a tail

The art of transforming yourself, from fursona to cosplay. The Tail Company have been making [...]

A Furry Tail

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a cat who had [...]

Kitsune tails!

@thetailcompany @justcindercat with her amazing Kitsune cosplay 😍 9 MiTails making a Magical 🦊 #kitsune [...]

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