Tail Company tails are customised for free!

tips & tricks

Here is a collection of videos, tips and tricks to help you get started with your new Tail Company gear. More wll be added as we make them. Please do ask if you need more help!

How to use the app

The free app is available on iOS and Android. Use the QR code on the Quickstart guide, or just search “The Tail Company” on your app-store of choice, and look for the fox! Please note the app design does change from time to time.

How to connect your items

All our app-controlled items – MiTail, MiTail Mini, EarGear and FlutterWings – connects the same way. Switch on the item, run the app and hit connect.

Dont “pair” the device like headphones. And make sure Bluetooth is switched on, and “Location Services” are enabled, so the phone can find the items.

Responsible Wagging! A Visual Guide

Getting a MiTail is lots of fun. But there are some things you should know about, to make sure it stays happy and healthy, The guide will take you through them.

How to unfurl your FlutterWings

Getting them just how you like them is simple. Just watch the video and all will be revealed.

How to setup your MiWings

Watch the video and see how we put together MiWings. We like to spread the parts out on the floor, and do most of it there! Remember, to charge MiWings, the power switch on the battery needs to be ON.

How to put on and take off a MiTail cover

Watch the video and see how we put remove and replace our MiTail covers. Because the covers are removable, it means you can change the look of your tail anytime you like!

How to clean a faux fur cover

Some people like to put their tail covers in the washing machine. We think thats a very bad idea, but you do you! We take a cloth, lightly wet it, and stroke the mark in the direction of the fur.