Moving Tails, Ears and Wings

Add The Magic


Every item is handmade to order, so we can customize each one for you

With removable covers, you can change the look anytime

Our Tails, Ears and Wings have built in rechargeable power that lasts all day

Free Shipping to most of the world too

App controlled + Removable covers + Built in rechargeable power + USB charged + Custom cover included

Reacts to sound and head tilts + App controlled + Removable covers + Built in rechargeable power + USB charged

Truly awesome wingspan + rechargeable power + changeable feathers + utterly magical

happy tailers at the Tail Company Five Stars!


With hundreds and hundreds of 5 Star reviews, many of our customers come back again and again!

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🎁FREE EarGear stand with EarGear in January🦊

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Dog Tails Style

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We’ve been making cosplay tails and fursuit tails since 2005 and each one is handmade to order. This means we can customize it for you, often all included. Whether its a handsome wolf tail, a beautiful Tiefling tail, a lovely bunny tail or even a scary devil tail we can make it.

All our tails are moving tails, making your cosplay or fursona come alive! EarGear, our super-versatile Cosplay Ears are out now too. Moving cosplay ears that react to sound and movement and sync with your moving tail

MiWings are our mechanical wings out now. Available in three colors, they add a truly awesome element to any fursona or cosplay. Or try FlutterWings, for Fairy, Bee, Dragon, Butterfly and other beautiful wing shapes.

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