REMOTE CONTROLLED, they wag, tremble, stand up, and move naturally. Each one is handmade and has MANY DIFFERENT MOVES to suit your style. Watch the VIDEOS to see them move!






“It’s perfect and looks just right for my height too. Even without the animatronics it’s the best Tail I’ve had ever I think. Because of the way it’s made it has a great natural way to it when it moves even when it’s powered off. I really love it!”


“My tail arrived even sooner than I was expecting. It’s great quality materials and very well put together. I’m going to make a few skins for it, using the official pattern. Then – “To the town for some shopping!”. Let people know that I should have been born with a tail!! If you’re considering buying one from these guys, stop reading this & get it bought!”

BK / Chicago, USA

Just got the tail yesterday and I absolutely love it!!! It’s really wonderful💕

You guys are seriously awesome to have crafted such a great invention!

PS / New York, USA

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