MiTail plus EarGear Bundle

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Get our moving tail and ears and save over $30. The best gear you can get to make your cosplay or fursona come alive!


  • App controlled
  • Sync them together
  • Worldwide shipping

MiTail PLUS EarGear Bundle

This bundle adds MiTail, the best moving tail you can get, with EarGear, the most expressive moving ears anywhere!

Get them together and save over $25!

miTail is the best animatronic tail you can make

MiTail Features

App controlled, with loads of features and modes
Removable covers, custom made for you
Next gen USB-C charging
Powerbanks work too!
New D-Clip for a more elegant, natural look
Speedy one-handed attachment and removal
OTA updates beamed right to your tail

The most versatile tail you can get anywhere

EarGear features

Everything is built in to the ears making EarGear smaller, lighter
A new custom headband that feels good to wear
EarGear can react to sound and syncs with your MiTail!
We have a pattern you can use to make your own covers
EarGear can react to the way your head moves

Ears move naturally from the center

If you want to add a lovely display stand for your EarGear, you can get one here

Please note that MiTail and EarGear are shipped in separate packages of different sizes, and can often arrive a few days apart.

Please remember that the price listed here is our best guess, given our experience of making tails and ears. If your design is very complex, or it requires special fur, or some detailed airbrushing, there may be a small extra charge. We will always discuss this with you first, so you can choose how best to approach your design.

4 reviews for MiTail plus EarGear Bundle

  1. Isaac

    MiTail and EarGear – love them! They arrived in elegant condition – thank you so much!

  2. Jason

    Im loving my custom tail and ears! Amazing work and fabulous quality!

  3. Matthew Wagner

    Just got my tail today and gave it a spin at a tea bar. It was a huge hit and had a great time wearing it. Can’t wait to receive the ears and try them out as well!

  4. Sebastian Koziol

    Perfect and beautyfull

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Get MiTail + EarGear and save!

This bundle adds MiTail, the best moving tail you can get, with EarGear, the most expressive moving ears anywhere. Get them together and save over $35!

  • One app controls both
  • Patterns are available
  • Comes with everything
  • Magical fun!

Get a bundle, handmade to order

So if you want something specific - some stripes, different colors, even spikes or spots, just let us know when you checkout!

  • Handmade for you
  • We can customise it too
  • Removable covers
  • App controlled
Tell us what kind of tail or ears you want in this message box

How do I let you know what I want?

There's a box on the checkout page that looks like this. You can write a description there or add an image to the chat box. Look for the paperclip icon.

We make Tails and Ears at a slightly different speed and they are shipped separately, so they will arrive with you with a few days apart.

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MiTail and EarGear in one bundle!
MiTail plus EarGear Bundle
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