MiWings Magical Mechanical Wings (NAKED)


These naked MiWings are offered so you can create your own amazing wings, just how you want them!


  • Remote controlled
  • Near silent operation
  • Create something amazing

Naked wings!

This is for our amazing MiWings, but without underfeathers or shawls. Created to be as affordable as possible, you can use our structure to invent something new, and create your own feather color combinations for example. The sky is the limit!

Comes with two remote controls (a spare!) to open and close them. Naked MiWings has a built in rechargeable battery and comes with a charger too.

Naked MiWings from The Tail Company

A truly awesome addition to your cosplay

We will supply our animatronic frame, power and control to you, so you can make your own creation, just as you want.

  • Remote controlled
  • Everything you need
  • 10ft / 3.2m wingspan
  • Just add your feathers!

Let your imagination run wild

Near silent remote controlled operation. Designed for all day wear. And we put a spare remote in too!

  • Handmade for you
  • Near silent operation
  • Experiment with wing shapes
  • Remote controlled
Tell us what kind of tail or ears you want in this message box

These naked wings come without feathers

But if you decide in the future to get us to make some for you, just ask. We make feather sets too.

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Bring life to your Cosplay or Fursona

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Naked MiWings - add your own feathers!
MiWings Magical Mechanical Wings (NAKED)