MiTail: (NAKED) The most advanced cosplay tail

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MiTail features USB charging and powerbank support, app and no-phone mode, a new D-Clip, lots of moves and more!


  • App controlled
  • Syncs with EarGear
  • Add your own cover

MiTail is the evolution of our animatronic tails

This is why we think its amazing:

MiTail infographic

App controlled, with loads of moves and features

No-phone mode too, switch on and go

This listing is for a Naked tail, without a cover.

Next generation super-fast USB-C charging

Support for additional powerbanks, for 10 hours of use

Lighter than a DIGITAiL, for all day wear.

New D-Clip for a more elegant, natural look

Speedy one-handed attachment and removal

OTA updates, beamed right to your tail

By far the most versatile tail you can get anywhere

MiTail comes with everything you need to get going right away. We can also add a Glow tip to your tail for a small extra charge.

Three different plug heads (US, EU and UK) along with a USB-C cable, and our innovative D-Clip and belt too!
Our belts are left very long to accommodate all body sizes. If its too long, you can simply cut them down to size.

This is a Naked tail – so no cover comes with it. We can send you a pattern though to help you make your dream cover! Or choose one from us.

This is a listing for a naked MiTail – one without a cover!
For one with a cover, click here

Tail Company MiTail quickstart guide

Please note this is a listing for a NAKED MiTail – one without a cover. We can supply you with a free digital pattern or get our paper one.

Crumpet, the app that controls MiTail, is available on both Google Play app store, and the iOS app store, for free. We recommend running Crumpet on Android 9 or later, although we have it running on Android 6.

Whilst both apps have lots of functions, they do occasionally differ in the modes they offer. New features are added all the time. Our Android app is currently translated in English, Japanese, French, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Russian and Spanish.

1 review for MiTail: (NAKED) The most advanced cosplay tail

  1. EN

    Hello I came to let you know that the tail has arrived and my feedback about it is simply insane and amazing. The quality of everything your team does, they do thinking a lot about the customer, it was an immense honour to order a tail like this with you (tail company) my feedback is this, rating is 100 out of 100.

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This is for a NAKED tail, one without a cover. This item lets you create your own amazing app controlled tail. Just add a cover!

Naked tails let you create your own look

Maybe you want to design your own cover, or maybe you want to use the skeleton to create something completely different. This is the one for you.

  • Syncs with EarGear
  • A pattern is available
  • Comes with the belt
  • Magical fun

All our MiTails are handmade to order

And the good news is that naked tails are usually faster to make than ones where we make the cover for obvious reasons.

  • Handmade for you
  • We can customise it too
  • Removable covers
  • App controlled

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miTail - the moving tail you always wanted!
MiTail: (NAKED) The most advanced cosplay tail
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