Gorou Tail Genshin Impact

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“It’s amazing and it works perfectly and it is beautifully designed” – Lovehope USA

“Overall im super impressed and the shipping was fast. The tail company was really responsive! They showed the the furs for approval just like i requested. Thank you i love my tail!” – A USA


  • App controlled
  • Syncs with EarGear
  • Worldwide shipping

Gorou tail that moves and turns, wags, trembles and stand up!

As with all our handmade tails,
our Gorou Tails are able to twist and turn, wag and tremble and get frisky!
They come in two lengths:

Our Original Gorou Tails are 24 inches long. It has the widest range of moves, with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists. It too is controlled by a small remote.

Our XL Gorou ox Tails are 32 inches long. It has the same range of moves as the Original with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists. It too is controlled by a small remote. As its a long tail and so it will move slower than the smaller ones, just like a real, long tail!

Lots of Modes!

MiTails can be controlled in all kinds of ways. With the app of course, like a remote. But you dont need to hold your phone to enjoy it. You could use Casual Mode, that selects your moves for you. Or Walk Mode, which moves the tails (and EarGear if you have them!) every time you move.

Extra wide Gorou tail with Glow Tips!

We can also hand-make you a Gorou tail with a normal or extra wide profile, and we can add a glow tip! Please note that glow tips only work well when the fur tip is a light colour. Glow tips have lots of different light patterns. There is an extra charge for adding a glow tip.

Your new Gorou Tail comes with:

an App

built in rechargeables

MiTail can be fully customised too

It also comes with its own belt called a D-Clip

Moving tails of any kind!

Remember, we can make our moving Tails for you in any colour combination you like. Not just the beautiful red/orange and white but also the rest of the rainbow too! Have a look at some of the images above for some suggestions. If want to chat anything over, just drop us a line by clicking the envelope in the bottom right hand corner.

2 reviews for Gorou Tail Genshin Impact

  1. SW

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for my tail I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

  2. Jovann Serreau

    Absolutely perfect, I fell in love.
    This makes my Gorou cosplay perfect

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A cosplay tail for different looks

With removable covers, you can change the look of your tail whenever you like. We also have a pattern if you want to make your own covers. And add EarGear, and both will sync, using the same app!

  • Syncs with EarGear
  • Magical fun
  • Comes with the belt
  • Lots of moves and modes

Our cosplay tails are handmade to order

So if you want something specific - some stripes, different colors, even spikes or spots, just let us know when you checkout.

  • Handmade for you
  • We can customise it too
  • Removable covers
  • App controlled
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There's a box on the checkout page that looks like this. You can write a description there or add an image to the chat box.

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