Char, little Monty, and Andrew

Back in 2006 we decided what we were missing was a real moving Tail. Not a piece of fur limply worn, but a real, natural extra limb! So we started development of the animatronics . It had to be flexible and light, and very programmable so it would do all the different moves we wanted. And so by 2012 we had launched a Kickstarter, which funded the development of the first one hundred Tails! It was a success – and there really were lots of other people out there that wanted a remote controlled, super-expressive Tail behind them. So in 2015 we set up the Mechanical Tail Company, expanded the range of different Tails we make, and here we are…

Worn by all kinds of people all over the world, our moving Tails are an exciting and new part of your wardrobe.

The Tail Company