Scary Alien Tails


“This tail is amazing. It functioned as stated in the listing with several different motions. It was a perfect addition to my costume, and arrived way faster than expected. Seller is very responsive and helpful… will be coming back for more of these on future projects… THANK YOU… :D” – Salah, USA


  • App controlled
  • Syncs with EarGear
  • Worldwide shipping

As with all our handmade tails, our Alien Tails are able to twist and turn, stand up move ominously! Although it comes in Black only, you can spray it any colour you like!

They come in two lengths:

Our Original Alien Tails are 24 inches long. It has the widest range of moves, with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists. It is controlled by our App, and learns new tricks all the time.

Our XL Alien Tails are 32 inches long. It has the same range of moves as the Original with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists. Because its app controlled, it has LOADS of features.

Black Spines..

Our ALIEN tail has spines along its length, ending in a point. In two sizes, its just what you need to release your inner Xenomorph

Moving alien tail

Auto Mode!

Our MiTail ALIEN has all the extra features that MiTail has, including Casual Mode, Walk Mode, built in power, power-pack support, and new features all the time!

Your new ALIEN Tail comes with

a free app to control it

and all the features you expect from MiTail.
Walk Mode, Power Bank support, No Phone Mode

and loads more!

Custom cover not included!

Our ALIEN tails cant take covers like our other tails, for obvious reasons! But it comes as a MITAIL – with all the extra features that come with our best tail.


MITAIL is our most sophisticated tail, with lots of extra function built in to the app.

Below is just a small selection of the many tails we have made. To let us know what you want, just fill in the box on the checkout page when you order.

A cosplay tail for different looks

With removable covers, you can change the look of your tail whenever you like. We also have a pattern if you want to make your own covers. And add EarGear, and both will sync, using the same app!

  • Syncs with EarGear
  • Magical fun
  • Comes with the belt
  • Lots of moves and modes

Our cosplay tails are handmade to order

So if you want something specific - some stripes, different colors, even spikes or spots, just let us know when you checkout.

  • Handmade for you
  • We can customise it too
  • Removable covers
  • App controlled
Tell us what kind of tail or ears you want in this message box

How do I tell you what I want?

There's a box on the checkout page that looks like this. You can write a description there or add an image to the chat box.

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Scary Alien Tails
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