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“I received EarGear in the mail today! They are beautiful!” -BH, USA


  • App controlled
  • Syncs with MiTail
  • Worldwide shipping

EarGear moving cosplay ears overview


Completely redesigned. Smaller, lighter, Bluetooth connected, app controlled. 100% magic! From cute kitty ears, to big wolf ears, EarGear is designed to be the best, most versatile cosplay ears you can get. And not a cable in sight!

“Our new version of EarGear has been completely redesigned. Our focus is on versatility, so you can wear them in lots of different creative ways!” – MT


EarGear is smaller, lighter and more versatile

A new custom headband, that feels good to wear

EarGear can react to sound around it

They also sync with MiTail

No external controller or cables

EarGear can react to headtilts

Ears move naturally from their center

Ear covers change EarGear from kitty ears to fox ears, wolf ears to anything else!

The best furry ears you can get.

Why make them smaller?

Because smaller ears can be made in to large ear shapes, but you can’t go from a large ear to a smaller one! So these are designed to be the most versatile cosplay ears you can get. Start smol, change it up when you want!

EarGear stand is a lovely way to display your EarGear

removable covers

Choose any of the shapes we offer. Or choose to match your MiTail! There’s a pattern too to make your own covers.


You can make something small in to something big, but you cant go the other way. EarGear has been redesigned to be as versatile as possible. Get creative!

let them hear

EarGear has built in mics. Switch on listening mode, and they react on their own to sounds around them! For example. Wolf Ears that hear..!

show them off

When you’re not wearing EarGear, this beautiful stand keeps your furry ears in good shape, and looking great.

miTail is the best animatronic tail you can make

Syncs with MiTail!

Best news yet, EarGear is controlled by Crumpet, our app. Thats the brains behind all Tail Company gear. Because of that, you can control both your cosplay ears and tail together, syncing them up. Set them to Casual Mode, put the phone away, and off you go!

EarGear works great on its own, with or without our tails.

EarGear cosplay ears jute pouch

What’s in the box?

  • One set of EarGear, ready to go!
  • Up to 3 covers from a choice of 6 and one to match your MiTail if you have one
  • A USB charger with different worldwide charger heads
  • A charging cable and quick start guide
  • All inside a lovely drawstring pouch

Crumpet is the name of our app that is the brains for all your Tail Company gear. It can be found on the Google Play store here, and the Apple iOS store here. We also have a pattern if you would like to make your own covers for EarGear. Instructions are here.

Let us know which of the 6 ear types you want, in the box on the checkout page.
Wolf ears, Cat ears, Fox ears, Puppy ears, Tiger / Raccoon and Bunny ears!

7 reviews for EarGear Cosplay Ears

  1. Jason

    Im loving my custom tail and ears! Amazing work and fabulous quality!

  2. Isaac

    MiTail and EarGear – love them! They arrived in elegant condition – thank you so much!

  3. MrsGinge

    Love love love!! Perfect for my social media and I love how my ears are as sassy and crazy as I am. They respond very well! They hold a charge and currently they’re sitting at 80% and have been used for 2 hours at a time and haven’t been charged for a hawt minute. Great battery life. Isn’t like a wiper blade of another company.

  4. Janeth Trujillo


  5. Jovann Serreau

    I love my ears, they are too beautiful and of a great quality

  6. ToeiRei

    Easy to work with, easy to repair. Purrfect tool for integration into costumes due to the spare use of glue

  7. kyjara roos

    I’m in love with the eargear and can’t ask for more over all and amazing product can’t recommend it more!

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EarGear is magical fun

Sound reactive, headtilt sensitive, removable covers, and a pattern if you want to make your own, EarGear is great fun. Watch the video of Rose Magpie showing you their EarGear Cosplay Ears. 

  • Syncs with MiTail
  • A pattern is available
  • Comes with everything
  • Magical fun

Every EarGear is handmade to order

So if you want something specific - different colors and shapes, just let us know when you checkout.

  • Handmade for you
  • We can customise it too
  • Removable covers
  • App controlled

Show them off

And keep them looking great, and ready to go! Our custom made acrylic EarGear stand is available now.

  • Displays your EarGear
  • Custom made
  • Keep them looking great
  • Affordable

Let us know what you want on the checkout page

There's a box on the checkout page that looks like this. You can write a description there and even upload an image too. 

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EarGear moving cosplay ears
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EarGear Cosplay Ears
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Frequently bought together

EarGear moving cosplay ears
EarGear Cosplay Ears
The Tail Company will make your cosplay tail for you
Custom Tails
EarGear Stand
Original price was: $19.95.Current price is: $9.95.

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