Airbrushed EarGear covers are born!

Airbrushed Custom Wolf Ear covers for EarGear by The Tail Company

Introducing Our Exquisite Airbrushed Covers for our Animatronic Eargear Cosplay Ears!

Step into the world of fantasy and immerse yourself in the realm of cosplay like never before with our latest innovation: Airbrushed Covers for Eargear Animatronic Cosplay Ears! Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, these covers are not just accessories; they are a statement of artistry and passion.

Unparalleled Detailing with Airbrush Artistry Gone are the days when cosplayers had to settle for plain or monochromatic ear covers. With the introduction of our airbrushed technique, each cover boasts a unique, intricate design that mirrors the finesse of hand-painted artwork. The vibrant colors, subtle gradients, and detailed patterns make these covers a must-have for every cosplay aficionado.

Seamless Integration with Eargear Animatronic Ears Designed to perfectly fit our renowned Eargear Animatronic Cosplay Ears, these covers ensure that your animatronic ears not only function flawlessly but also look stunning. Whether you’re portraying a mythical creature or an iconic character, our covers will elevate your cosplay game and add that realism.

Why Choose Our Airbrushed Covers?

  • Unique Designs: No two covers are the same. Our airbrushing technique ensures that each piece is distinct and captures the essence of fantasy.
  • Affordable : Experience the luxury of detailed artistry without burning a hole in your pocket. Our covers are priced competitively, making them accessible to all. When you order, if you want something airbrushed, we will let you know the cost.

We hope you love them!

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