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Brush all the things!

We spend litterally hours every day, brushing our tails and ears, ready for Tailers to [...]

MiWings Bags..

For Travel and Storage of your MiWings Need to move your MiWings around? Or put [...]

Our new iOS app is out!

And its a massive update on our old app. Below are the headline changes – [...]

T Shirts are back!

Everyone knows that the T in “T Shirt” stands for tail, right? Maybe you dont [...]

MiTail Mini is out!

Bunny Tails are back 🐇And they have had a MASSIVE upgrade: Everyone knows Bunnies have [...]

🎁FREE EarGear stand with EarGear in January🦊

(Usually $19.95!) USE COUPON “EGSTAND” DURING CHECKOUT! Every EarGear is handmade to order 🪄 So [...]

🦇 Order Before It’s Too Late for Halloween!👻🎃

Hey there, Spook-tacular Friends! Can you believe it? Halloween is just 8 weeks away! Time’s [...]

Airbrushed EarGear covers are born!

Introducing Our Exquisite Airbrushed Covers for our Animatronic Eargear Cosplay Ears! Step into the world [...]

Whats this about Free Shipping?

So after many many many people asked us, we have added Free Shipping to The [...]

Unfurl Your Fantasy: The Magic of Costume Wings and DIY Guides

If you’ve ever dreamt of soaring above the clouds, free as a bird, or embodying [...]

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