Husky Curly Tail time!

Tail Company Moving Husky Tail

Huskies are a popular breed of dog known for their striking appearance and striking blue eyes. One feature that stands out on a husky is their tail. In fact, its probably the most recognisable tail in all of tail-dom! Husky curled tails are fluffy, thick, and often curl over their backs – the famous Husky curl. These tails are not only an important part of a husky’s anatomy, but they also add to the breed’s cute factor. Massively!

About us

The Tail Company have been making moving tails, ears and wings since 2006, and our items are worn all over the world – for cosplay, fursonas, and on TV and film. Theyre also worn for LARPing, festivals, and just for the sheer fun of having a moving tail, ears or wings!

Our husky tail can be custom made for you in any colors you like. Some like the classic colors, but we have also made them all the colors of the rainbow. Maybe a Siberian Husky tail is what you want? Just let us know.

Our husky curled tail uses the Baby tail system – its a simple, remote controlled tail that has 4 moves and an automode. Worn on a belt, this tail has removable covers too, so you can change it up, any time you like.

husky tail

One reason why husky tails are so cute is that they are thick and fluffy. The thick, fluffy fur on a husky’s tail helps to keep the dog warm in cold weather, and it also gives the tail a soft, cuddly appearance. The fur on a husky’s tail is usually a shade of black, white, or grey, which adds to the breed’s unique and attractive appearance. We can make you one in any color or colors!

Why is the husky curly tail so cute?

Another reason why husky tails are so cute is that they are expressive. Huskies are known for being energetic and playful, and their tails often reflect this. When a husky is happy or excited, their tail will wag rapidly, which is an endearing sight to behold. On the other hand, when a husky is feeling anxious or upset, their tail may be held low or between their legs, which can be a sign of distress. In this way, husky tails are a window into the dog’s emotions and can be very cute to watch.

When does a husky tail curl?

Our baby tails have the curl permanently there, whilst the curl on a MiTail is momentary – it will curl, hold it for a little while before relaxing. The husky tail that we make is a “constrained tail” – its curl is permanently there, so its moves are simple wags as well as an automode.

One thing to add, we can also make you one as a MiTail – thats our app-controlled tail – which has all the cool features like Walk Mode and Casual Mode.

Cosplay Tail from the Tail Company

In addition to being thick, fluffy, and expressive, husky tails are also useful. The tails of huskies are used for balance when the dogs are running or climbing, and they also help to protect the dogs’ faces and eyes from snow and debris. Without their tails, huskies would have a much harder time navigating through rough terrain and cold weather.

Overall, husky tails are a key part of what makes the breed so cute. Whether they are wagging happily, curled up over a husky’s back, or serving as a useful tool, husky tails are an important and adorable feature of these beloved dogs. Add one today to your cosplay or fursona – and remember, they have removable covers, so you can change the look to a different husky, any time!

Tail Company Moving Husky Tail

Most of our tails take around 4 weeks to make. Baby tails – like Huskies, Bunnies and Deer – are usually a little quicker than that.

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