Our frisky moving Fox tail is here! It comes in two lengths for your foxy wagging pleasure!


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Every Tail comes with a tester set of Alkaline batteries, so you can start using it immediately. But Alkalines just dont have the power for proper Tail wagging. For that you need Lithium batteries, which last 8 x longer and keep the moves frisky and playful.

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As with all our tails, our Fox Tail is able to twist and turn, wag and tremble and get frisky! It comes in three variants:

The Baby Fox version is 17 inches long. This is able to wag and tremble, and stand out straight, all selected by the remote control that comes with it. It lacks some of the moves that the Original can do but its smaller, lighter and takes less batteries.

The Original Fox is 24 inches long. It has the widest range of moves, with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists. It too is controlled by a small remote.

The XL Fox is 32 inches long. It has all the moves of the Original, with all the different kinds of wags, trembles and twists included. It too is controlled by a small remote. As its the longest tail we make, it will move slower than the others, like a real, long tail!

As well as the individual moves you can call up, all our Tails come with AUTO mode – press and hold button D and the Tail will automatically move – pause – move until you tell it to stop!

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And we can make you a set of ears in matching fur if you desire! Just let us know when you check out.


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