Gorou from Genshin Impact

I’m going to guess you’ve come across @rosemagpie ‘s marvellous cosplays! If you haven’t, go check them [...]

A new kind of Tail is coming!

After lots and lots (and lots) of development, we are delighted to announce a new [...]

Rin Okumura tails

Rin Okumura is a popular cosplay, so we set about creating a DIGITAiL that looked [...]

Tush tails..

I gotta be honest. I didnt know what a Tush tail was until recently. Its [...]

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Tail Ends

We make our tails to order however you would like them. But some tails need [...]

Crumpet app gets gestures!

Crumpet app is the name of our app that controls Tail Company gear. Both versions [...]

Crumpet pin!

Our fox always cheers us up – and 2020 could do with a bit of [...]

Feathered Gryphon tails..

..are our first kind of feathered tail. Hope you like! It took quite a lot [...]

Who wears a tail?

Since 2006 we have been making our moving tails for people all over the world. [...]

Jealous tail meme..

We felt like we had to! I wonder if thats a Classic or a DIGITAiL [...]

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