Tail Company Gift cards

With the giving season approaching, what better gift than a tail, ears or even wings! [...]

Coming Soon

Watch the skies. Not much more to say just now. But we have been dreaming [...]

How to grow a tail

The art of transforming yourself, from fursona to cosplay. The Tail Company have been making [...]

A Furry Tail

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a cat who had [...]

Kitsune tails!

@thetailcompany @justcindercat with her amazing Kitsune cosplay 😍 9 MiTails making a Magical 🦊 #kitsune [...]

Klarna and LayAway schemes!

For US visitors, we have added Klarna, a new payment method that lets you spread [...]

Euros, Pounds, AUD and CAD!

Our gear has always been available in US Dollars ..but with our tails, ears and wings being worn all over [...]

Diona’s tail from Genshin Impact

We can make any tail you like – just get in touch in the chat [...]

EarGear v2 is finally here!

After our first moving ears sold out, we went back to the drawing board to [...]

Millie from Helluva boss

@thetailcompany Millie’s tail. A MiTail, customized for free. #hellovaboss #millie #cosplayanime #fursuiter #fursona #cosplay #anime [...]