Shih Tzu Tail


“The moment I saw it I was like “oh my gosh I have to get one of those.” I’m so happy someone finally made this. Thank you for this amazing creation.” Utah, USA


  • Most affordable tail
  • Simple, fun moves
  • App controlled

Shih Tzu tails, handmade for you

As with all our Mini tails, our Shih TzuTails have 4 moves and are app controlled
They come in two sizes and many different colours

Shih Tzu Tails are 15 inches long

Bunny Tails by the Tail Company

Your new Shih Tzu tail comes with:

A free app

Built in power

A belt and a charger

Shih Tzu tail with custom cover included!

Remember, we can make our Shih Tzu Tail for you in any colour combination you like. Not just white and black but also the rest of the rainbow too! Have a look at some of the images above for some suggestions. If want to chat anything over, just drop us a line by clicking the envelope in the bottom right hand corner.

The Tail Company

To let us know exactly how you want your tail, just fill in the box on the checkout page that looks like this:

Tell us what kind of tail or ears you want in this message box

For all tail related questions, please do get in touch! You can do this using the blue envelope in the bottom right hand corner, or send us an email, to – we are usually pretty quick to respond, and can answer any questions you have about customising our moving tails.


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Our Deer tails come in two sizes: Small Bunny is 10in (25cm) / Big Bunny is 15in (38cm)

This is a MiTail MINI

Bunny tails are our most affordable system, with four simple moves controlled by an app on your phone. Just like all our tails, they have a removable cover, which we can customize for you. They have built in power, come with the charger and belt, and you can even add a Glow Tip too!
You can choose any two colors for your MINI Bunny

Custom removable covers

Handmade to order. This means that we can customise each one for you. So if you want a green bunny, or a pink-on-top, white-underneath one for example, no problem! Choosing 2 colors is included. Tell us on the checkout page.
We also have a pattern if you want to make your own covers

Add a Glow Tip!

Our MINI tails can have added LED lights at the end which can be controlled by our app! With lots of different light patterns, they work best under lighter fur and are for Big Bunnies and Deer, plus Huskies too

Tell me about the app!

Our free app controls the tail - and if you have ears or wings too, it will control them too! So they will all sync together. And the app lets you do Walk Mode (move when you walk) and Casual Mode (let your tail decide!)

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Shih Tzu Tail
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