Our new iOS app is out!

Our new iOS app is out!

And its a massive update on our old app. Below are the headline changes – but its actually completely remade

This app is an ENORMOUS upgrade on the previous app, with so many improvements there are too many to mention. Here are some highlights!

– Vastly improved gear finding, connecting, naming and shutting down
– Change the GUI colors per device and globally in the app
– Much better Paw support
– Instant connecting to known gear
– Sound support! (YES SOUND SUPPORT)
– Read the blog in the app, as well as links to Telegram, website and more
– Easy to see firmware updates
– Triggers become global, rather than per gear. What will you dream up?
– Joystick control. Waaaat?!
– Lots of easy-to-use gestures to control your gear, like the volume keys
– Haptic feedback, Kitsune Mode and Fake Gear mode (for those wishing to test the app before purchasing)
– Much better handling of app crashes and errors.
– And a “Send feedback” button that lets you navigate and illustrate the issue!

Get it now on the Apple App Store

or scan this QR code:

This is all brought to you by @TheFloofyFloof who is the mastermind behind it. Thank you for creating this, we salute you! Of course, its all open source, and part of the Open Tails Github repo. If youre interested in the behind-the-scenes part of our animatronic items, please come say hello in our Telegram group.

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