MiTail Mini is out!

A bunny tail by The Tail Company

Bunny Tails are back 🐇

And they have had a MASSIVE upgrade:

  • Built in rechargeable power (no more batteries to replace)
  • App controlled – free app for iOS or Android
  • Removable covers, choose whatever you like!
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Comes with the belt and charger
  • Walk Mode, Casual Mode work great with Bunnies
  • And you can even add a glow tip too..

Everyone knows Bunnies have the CUTEST TAIL ON EARTH.

But now they have become all new MiTail Mini tails! No more changing batteries, or remotes to lose.

Controlled by the same app that controls EarGear, you get all the features of the app. And if you have EarGear or FlutterWings, they will all sync together!

They come in two sizes, and all the colors you can imagine too 😮

With four moves, removable covers, and two sizes, release your inner Bunny now!

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