Moving Bunny Tail – nothing quite like one!

Moving bunny tail from The Tail Company

Why wear a Bunny Tail?

Our moving Bunny tail items are a classic addition to any bunny-themed costume, whether it be for Halloween, a themed party, a new cosplay or just for fun. There’s just something about a fluffy bunny tail that adds an extra touch of whimsy and cuteness to any outfit. The Tail Company have been making moving Bunny tails for some years.

If you wanto know about our bunny tail length, they come in two sizes no less!

But what is it about these tails that make them so endearing? One reason could be that they remind us of the adorable, fluffy bunnies that we often see in pictures and videos. Bunnies are known for their soft, fluffy fur, and a cute rabbit tail captures that same soft and fluffy essence. Theres also the cutest of movement..

Another reason could be that tails like these are simply fun to play with. Swishing a fluffy tail back and forth can be a playful and amusing activity, and it can add an element of playfulness to any costume. Our moving tail has four different moves, and a simple auto-mode too. It also comes in any colors you like, being handmade to order for you.

Bunny Tails by The Tail Company

About us

The Tail Company have been making moving tails, ears and wings since 2006, and our items are worn all over the world – for cosplay, fursonas, and on TV and film. Theyre also worn for LARPing, festivals, and just for the sheer fun of having a moving tail, ears or wings!

In addition to being cute and fun, bunny tails can also serve as a conversation starter. If you’re wearing a bunny tail as part of a costume, it’s likely that people will ask about it or comment on it, providing an opportunity for a good conversation!

There are many different ways that you can incorporate a bunny tail into a costume. One option is to get a pre-made bunny tail that can be attached to the back of your costume. Ours come with a handy belt attachment, so you can wear it with most regular clothes. Ours bunnies come in two sizes, so you can pick the one thats better for you.

How to make a bunny tail!

Another option is to make your own one. This can be a fun and creative activity, and it allows you to customize the tail to your specific preferences. To make your own rabbit tail, you’ll need some fake fur, a piece of elastic, and a hot glue gun. Cut a piece of fake fur into the desired shape and size for your bunny tail, then use the hot glue gun to attach the elastic to the back of the tail. Once the glue has dried, you can attach the tail to your costume by slipping the elastic over your waistband or belt. Theres a few tutorials on the web that show you how to do it. We make a moving remote controlled one with changeable covers.

There are also bunny tail accessories that can be worn without a full costume. For example, you could try our EarGear ears, which are app-controlled, sound reactive and head tilt reactive too! These options allow you to add a touch of bunny fun to your everyday attire without going all out with a full costume. As you might have guessed, we wear a lot of our items during the day at the studio 🤣

How to attach a bunny tail?

Our baby bunnies slide on a built in belt loop, so you can wear it with almost any outfit. We make nice belts you can use, but almost any belt will work.

So, why would you want to add one to a costume? Whether it’s for the whimsy, the playfulness, the cuteness, or just for the conversation starter, a bunny tail can be a fun and adorable addition to any costume. So go ahead, embrace your inner bunny and add a fluffy tail to your next costume!

moving bunny tail
moving bunny tail
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