Kitsune tails!

Kitsune tails by The Tail Company

9 tails of wonder!

Can you feast your eyes on @justcindercat and her incredible Kitsune cosplay? Nine MiTails bring this amazing Kitsune tails cosplay to life!

With removable covers, each of these can live multiple lives, bringing magic to your fursona or cosplay.

Have a chat with us if you have a special project.

Our gear can be customized for you – whatever you have planned, we can work with a sketch or photo. Or even some words!

About us

The Tail Company have been making moving tails, ears and wings since 2006, and our items are worn all over the world – for cosplay, fursonas, and on TV and film. Theyre also worn for LARPing, festivals, and just for the sheer fun of having a moving tail, ears or wings!

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