Crumpet app gets gestures!

Crumpet, our app, gets gesture support!
Crumpet gets gestures!

Crumpet app is the name of our app that controls Tail Company gear. Both versions of the app let you choose your DIGITAiL mode, or your EarGear poses. And they have other skills too.

On iOS, we have just re-added the Movelist mode, where you can chain lists of moves together, and then send them to your tail. More specific than Casual Mode (which lets Crumpet choose moves, based on moods,) Movelists will be good for performances and shows we think. We have also removed the time limit on the list now, so you can be as creative as you want! There’s still work to do with it – we expect another release in a week or so to add multiple similar moves to your list which is missing now – but its great its back in! Get a DIGITAiL!

On Android, we have just added Gesture support! This is a rather magical new direction where the phone itself can be a creative interface to your tail! With 15 different gestures available, you can attach each one to a move, and get playing!

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