“Oh wow does she love her Tail! Thank you so much for making such a great product. Your communication and customer service have been top notch. I will spread the good word every chance I get!” Oregon, USA

Tail Company tails come with love!

You bought a Fox Tail but have been seduced by a Wolf! You used to be a Cat, but now you want to be a Lion! Well, here you can get a different cover for your Tail, and change it up!

Every Tail we make (apart from the ALIEN  and Horse Tails) will let you add new covers whenever you want, just by sliding a new one on and pressing the poppers together. Simply select a new one from the drop down and away you go. If you have special requests, or would like to add sequins, let us know in the Customize It! box.*

If you have a Husky and want a new cover (even a different Husky colourway!), just select any Baby Tail length cover. Bear in mind, your Tail will stay in the Husky curl, whichever creature you choose…

Lastly, if you want some extra fabric, just let us know. It is listed here, but without prices, so drop us a line, and we can help.

( * the prices shown are correct for 99 % of all kinds of covers you might want to order. Occasionally though, we may need to make a surcharge if your dream extra-cover is very complex. We would of course let you know first before proceeding. For colour changing sequins, please let us know which colour combo you like in the customise it box (red, blue, gold, silver, black, green) – there is a small extra charge of $5 for the sequins. To see a whole range of colours, have a look at the gallery mages above.)



Baby, Original, XL, Super XL, Extra Fabric


Fox, Wolf, Cat, Lion, Cheshire Cat, Dinosaur, Tiger, Sergal, Leopard, Tiger, Husky, Devil