EarGear cosplay ears by The Tail Company is designed to be super versatile


Completely redesigned. Smaller, lighter, Bluetooth connected, app controlled. Our anime ears are 100% magic!

From cute kitty ears, to big wolf ears, EarGear is designed to be the best, most versatile moving anime ears you can get. And not a cable in sight!


Everything is built in to the ears, making EarGear smaller, lighter and more versatile. No external controller or cables!

A new custom headband, that feels good to wear, it keeps your ears exactly where they need to be.

EarGear can react to sound around it. And of course, being Tail Company gear, it will also sync with your MiTail!

We have a free pattern you can use to make your own covers.

EarGear can react to the way your head moves: let them twist as you tilt your head for example.

Ears move naturally from the center, like real creature ears.

Add different ear covers can change EarGear from kitty ears to fox ears,  wolf ears to anything else.

And no cables to hide anywhere!

Syncs with MiTail!

Best news yet, EarGear is controlled by Crumpet, our app. Thats the brains behind all Tail Company gear. Because of that, you can control both your cosplay ears and tail together, syncing them up. Set them to Casual Mode, put the phone away, and off you go!

EarGear works great on its own, with or without our tails.

EarGear by The Tail Company is designed to be super versatile