Devil tail costume – a cosplay classic!

Devil tails by the tail company
Moving Devil tail by the tail company

Some people buy and wear animatronic devil tails is because of their fascination with the technology behind them. Animatronic tails often incorporate advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies, which can be both intriguing and inspiring to people who are interested in these fields. For some people, wearing an animatronic devil tail is a way to engage with the technology and learn more about how it works. Our MiTails are app-controlled, Bluetooth-talking, and full of moves and modes! We also have an open source app for those that are interested in tinkering with the clever stuff inside.

About us

The Tail Company have been making moving tails, ears and wings since 2006, and our items are worn all over the world – for cosplay, fursonas, and on TV and film. Theyre also worn for LARPing, festivals, and just for the sheer fun of having a moving tail, ears or wings!

So why a Demon tail..?

In addition to their appeal as a form of entertainment or self-expression, animatronic tails can also be used for practical purposes. For example, animatronic tails can be used in stage performances or film and television productions to add an extra level of realism or immersion. In fact, at the Tail Company, we have made lots of tails, wings and ears for TV and film productions. Perhaps thats a subject for another blog post.. In these cases, animatronic tails can be used to create realistic or fantastical creatures or characters that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional methods.

Overall, an animatronic devil tail will make your devil cosplay. Add our devil horns, to match, and youll be the most infernal devil out there!

Our animatronic devil tail are a type of cosplay accessory that uses robotics and artificial intelligence to create the illusion of movement. These tails are designed to mimic the movement of a real animal’s tail, such as a cat or a dragon, and are often worn as part of a costume or as a way to express personal style. A demon tail gives the extra magic to really make a costume come alive.

Want to make devil horns?

Well we make beautiful ones, and can match them to your tail design. Check it out.

Another reason people buy and wear an animatronic devil tail or demon tail is for their aesthetic appeal. Animatronic tails can be designed to look like a wide range of characters, from animals and monsters to robots and aliens. For many people, the opportunity to transform into a fictional character or creature is a thrilling and immersive experience. Animatronic tails can be used as part of a cosplay costume, or simply worn as a way to express creativity and personal style.

Devil tails by the tail company

Animatronic tails are also popular among people who are fans of science fiction or fantasy and want to incorporate animatronic elements into their everyday attire. For these people, animatronic tails can be a way to express their interests and personal style in a unique and eye-catching way.

Why have a static tail, when you can have one that moves!

Did you know we have just started offering custom made devil horns too? And we can match the colours to your tail. As with all our moving cosplay items, you can customize them exactly to your specifications. Just ask!

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