Trouble in Tail land

You may have read about it.

Because of the COVID pandemic, lots of factories stopped making components. These are the little electronic parts inside most things that take power.

From washing machines to space ships, the components make the stuff work. And our tails are the same. There’s a little PCB inside each tail that does all the clever stuff.
Well, we have been told that when we order more, they will now cost twice as much as normal! All down to Covid ☹

What does this mean?

Well, we have some Classic remote controlled tails left. Once they are gone, we wont be making more of them until components come back to normal prices. They will be marked “OUT OF STOCK” and unable to purchase. This includes all the Classic versions of all our tails as well as baby tails like Huskies, Bunnies, Deer and upright tails like Squirrels.😳

Its very sad, but as they are our most affordable tail, raising the price defeats the object of a tail for everyone. We will keep an eye on the prices until they return to a normal cost. If you want one, there are just a few left and they will go very quickly.

What about MiTail?

MiTail is less affected. If you want to pre-order MiTail, we will keep the price the same for this weekend, at $199. After that, it will go up by $15 to $214

We are really sorry about this. Its not something we want to do. The Tail Company makes tails for everyone, and if we can, our prices should come down, not up.

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