The best animatronic tail in the world!

Our current Tail, or Classic system as we now call it, is remote controlled, with up to ten moves.
This has served us very well, and we will continue to make it. But it is time for an upgrade!

Our new DIGITAiL is coming!


  • Create Move Lists, for different moods.
  • Move Designer so each move could be unique.
  • As many moves as we want!
  • Real time control as we wear it.
  • Music Mode and let the Tail dance along in time.
  • And phone notifications sent to your Tail!
  • Pose Mode for the perfect picture!

Signup on the product page if you want to get news about the DIGITAiL. Its out late Jan / early Feb.

  • Incoming Phone Call! Your tail does Crazy Wag!
  • Alarms (Say, you get a quiver every 15 minutes and an intense wag when your alarm goes off!)
  • GPS and WIFI Detection! The tail tells you when you have a strong signal!
  • Tailer friends lists you can share wags with!
  • Text and email notifications (You Got MAIL!)
  • And many more features with future updates!