Hi there

You can bet this is the craziest time of the year for us. And so to make sure everyone gets their Tail in time for Halloween, here is some info about shipping dates.

First of all, if the Tail you are ordering is for Halloween PLEASE LET US KNOW. If its not, it would be great to be able to deal with it after this crazy period, so we can reorder the Tail queue to get out the early Tails first. It means for non Halloween Tails, they will get shipped around 2-3 weeks from ordering. Ish!

Right now, if you order a Rush service, you’ll get it before Halloween – and its shipped next day delivery. But even Rush service will lose its magical powers after the 11th October.

Just to make things more complicated, we know some Halloween events are before Halloween. So please let us know the date you need it first, choose Rush service when checking out, and all will be well.

We are not able to refund our handmade tails cost because we missed a date that you didn’t let us know about before you ordered! That was a mouthful of a sentence. Please check with us before you order!

Best wishes



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