Help us create the DIGITAiL

Our original dream was to create a lifelike natural-moving animatronic tail that we could wear, and that looked fantastic and moved even better. After many years of prototypes, we set up The Mechanical Tail Company, several thousand of our handmade Tails have been sent all around the world, and today we evolve!

Now its time to go to the next level. Our current Tail is remote controlled, and this has served us well. AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE AND SELL IT! But for our Pro customers, we want to have more control. We want to be able to chain moves together in to a Move List, perhaps for different moods. We want a Move Designer so each move could be unique, and more truly natural moves can be created. And we want to be able to take control, and move the Tail in real time as we wear it with Gesture Control.

So we are launching a Kickstarter Project today!

No need for a separate remote control, the DIGITAiL will allow an app on a phone to control the Tail, and opens up a whole world of possibilitiesThis Kickstarter will allow us to get the app written properly for both iPhone and Android. Once thats done, imagine where we can go with this…

  • Link it up to your Fitbit or Garmin device! No need for moves, its reacting to your heart beat!
  • Alarms (Say, you get a quiver every 15 minutes and an intense wag when your alarm goes off!)
  • GPS and WIFI Detection! The tail tells you when you have a strong signal!
  • Tailer friends lists you can share wags with!
  • Text and email notifications (You Got TAILMAIL!)
  • And Poses – (great for photos, for Cosplayers and Cons – call up your favourite Tail Pose with one click!)

All app updates will be free to Tailers with our Tails. Click here to see the project!

Remember! Backing this project wont just help us create the DIGITAiL. The Rewards on offer come with Tails at a real discount over the future website price. Please help us get this moving, and get the best Tail you can get, at a saving!

PS We will keep making our remote controlled Tails – the DIGITAiL is not for everyone. Its really for the Pro Tailer or Cosplayer. Any help you can give is gratefully received.

best wishes and thanks in advance


The Master Tailer