Tail Satchels are here!

tail satchels

We are very happy to have created something really special for Tailers everywhere. This is an absolute must-have tail accessory.

We give you The Tail Satchel – a fantastic specially-designed bag that attaches to the body end of your Tail, holding all the important day to day things you might need for tail life. The bag attaches around the Tail with a wide strap, and for extra security, you can clip it to your belt loop too with a second strap. This bag is not going anywhere except where you go.

Created specifically for Tailers, its’ two front pockets are secured by clips on the front of the main bag. Perfectly sized for your remote or some batteries, they are designed so you can open and close them without having to twist your back or move your Tail around.

The main section of the bag is divided in to 2 smaller and one larger area. Its perfect for cards and coins, keys and phone and anything else that life throws at us!

The whole satchel is made in premium quality 1000D nylon, and comes in Khaki or Black.

[This is a brand new thing – so it may take ten days to get all the stock together]
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